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Understanding Trusts
A Trust is a powerful estate-planning tool to manage your assets throughout your lifetime and beyond. It allows you to provide detailed instructions or conditions on how and when to distribute everything you worked so hard to achieve. To establish a Trust, you’ll need to work with a professional who will help you choose the right type of Trust and make sure your wishes are clearly communicated.

Why it's worth it

Trust account information isn’t public record. Estate, asset and beneficiary details will always be kept confidential.

Avoid Probate Court
Unlike with a will, assets held by a Trust skip the time-consuming and sometimes costly process of probate, where a court organizes and distributes assets.

Security & Control
Have peace of mind knowing your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. You can also delay access to assets until your beneficiaries reach a specific age or goal.

Open an account in the name of a Trust
Let us be a part of your legacy.
People trust us because we provide reliable, respectful service in everything we do. With consistently competitive rates, intelligent banking tools and personalized support any time you need it, we make it easy to manage your money.

Gather your documents.
We’ve made setting up an account in the name of a Trust as simple as possible. You can easily apply online, and we’ll have you upload pages from the Trust agreement along the way to complete the application.

Apply for an account online.
After you select an account type in our application, make sure to indicate it’s for a Trust before you move on to the next steps. Then, you’ll need to provide Trust agreement, Grantor and Trustee information.

Establish a formal Trust with a professional.
If you haven’t already, work with a financial professional or estate attorney to go over your options and create a Trust agreement. They’ll help you find the one that best suits your needs.
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