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Banco Bursatil
Private, Descentralized and Digital Bank
Save smarter, faster than ever.

Save smarter, faster than ever.
Save smarter, faster than ever.
Save smarter, faster than ever.

Finally a savings account that
lets your money work smarter.

Along with a competitive, variable rate and no monthly maintenance fees, this account comes with tools to grow your money faster. Like most savings accounts, there’s a limit of 6 withdrawals per statement cycle, but using our tools won’t count toward those limits.

  • Use buckets to organize your money and visualize what you’re saving for
  • Set up boosters to optimize and maximize your savings, even if the rate changes after you open the account
  • Make changes as new priorities arise
  • Get personalized recommendations to help you save more.

Organize using buckets.
Set money aside for what matters to you. All in one place.
Divvy up your savings without multiple bank accounts or hard math.
Like digital envelopes, you can dedicate parts of your savings to whatever you want (or want to do). You can create up to 10 savings buckets that will peacefully coexist in your Online Savings Account, plus you’ll still earn interest on your total balance.  

Optimize with boosters.
Accelerate your savings and put part of your strategy on autopilot.

Surprise Savings
We analyze your linked checking accounts for safe-to-save money, then transfer it to your savings so you don’t have to.

Recurring Transfers
Set it and forget it. Move money into your savings on a schedule that makes sense for you.

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